Bindoon Boots make your uggs with love, using the highest quality Australian sheepskin to last for years to come.

Our boots should always feel snug when new. They will feel even more comfortable as the wool compresses.

Prior to ordering online, please refer to our size chart to check your Bindoon Boots size. If you visit us in store, we will help you choose the best product for you.

General Maintenance

Using a protector spray will help keep your Bindoon Boots water resistant and prevent marks from water and liquid spills. Spray lightly over the entire product from about 10cm away, let dry and repeat. This can be repeated every 4-6 months or more often if required.

Dubbin is recommended to protect your leather covered uggs and slippers.

If you haven’t protected your uggs and they get wet, let them dry naturally (not in front of a heat source) and then brush softly with a suede brush.

A suede brush can also be used to remove dirt from the surface of your uggs.

Do not wash your uggs in a washing machine as shrinkage is very likely to occur.

Our buttons and toggles are an accessory and may need replacing from time to time. This is easily done and part of normal wear and tear and not a product fault.

Our innersoles fit perfectly inside Bindoon Boots uggs and are suitable when the sheepskin has worn down on the inside sole of your uggs. You will need to order one size less than that shown under the black tag on each ugg or slipper. Innersoles are only suitable for products with a heel.

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